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Marvin's 5-Part Sales Series is Back!

Join the thousands of professionals from across the nation who’ve benefited from my 30+ years of experience and register today for my 5-part series: Mastering the Sales Essentials.

Preparation & Practice provides Peak Performance

With 30+ years of experience training thousands of employees across hundreds of organizations, Marvin can help your team "Get Marvinized" with Motivation and Substance! Stop practicing on your customers and find out more about how Marvin can take your sales efforts to the next level today.

Sales Courses

Customer Service Training

Customized to your specific needs which starts with a needs-assessment, beginning from the top of the organization, down to the bottom.

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Sales Certification Program

Two-day professional selling skills certification class. Class now comes with supplemental 12-month subscription to online training.

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Sales Training & Coaching

Sales Training

Marvin’s courses have been proven to re-energize sales teams and provide them with the tools to follow through and close more sales.

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Sales Coaching

Personal sales coaching starts with a sales call observation and evaluation, before creating a custom training plan based on that individual’s needs.

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Motivational Keynotes

Keynote Speaking

Whether you are planning a sales meeting, industry conference, association gathering or any type of corporate event, Marvinize your next keynote address so that your attendees experience motivation AND substance.

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