Professional Sales Training Courses

Every organization that relies on a sales team needs to ask itself a question:


Are you practicing on your customers?


In other words, are the sales techniques that your staff utilizes on a daily basis following a proven method of success, or are they simply implementing “trial and error” techniques while losing valuable sales opportunities in the process?

Practicing on your customers is a costly sales method for any company. That’s why Marvin preaches preparation and practice to achieve peak performance during his professional sales training courses.

Marvin’s courses have been proven to re-energize sales teams by helping them:

  • Create more sales opportunities
  • Establish and maintain rapport with customers
  • Turn adversity into opportunity
  • Increase closing percentage

And most importantly, Marvin’s training sessions focus on providing sales teams with the tools to follow through and close more sales.

How Does Marvin’s Professional Sales Training Course Work?

Everyone knows that no two companies have the exact same sales goals and objectives.
Why then, would any two companies want exactly the same professional sales training
course? Marvin believes that to meet the specific goals and objectives of any company,
a sales training course must be customized to your needs. This is why Marvin’s training
sessions do not get underway until a customized program has been devised based on the
input of not only management, but a cross-section of the individuals that will be involved in
the training course. This input will give participants ownership over the process and helps
achieve desired outcomes.

Based on this input, a course schedule is devised. The schedule is completely customizable based on your needs. Whether is it is a full-day, half-day or series of hourly training sessions, Marvin can deliver your training on-site.

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What Do I Receive For Investing With Marvin?

Marvin strives to provide training that “pays for itself.” He achieves this by working with you to develop a Custom Formula for Success. These are custom sales goals and benchmarks to judge the success of your sales program over the long-term.

What Customers are Saying

To learn more about companies that have seen tremendous return on their investment with Marvin, we encourage you to read our testimonials.


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