Now You Can Get Marvinized Online!

Move the needle on your sales goals for 2017


Marvin Montgomery, “The Sales Doctor,” has partnered with Roundtable Online Learning to launch his first interactive online training program that provides the essential skills needed to become a trusted advisor and grow your sales quickly.


Benefits of the Program:


  • Self-paced Learning:  Employees complete training on their own time, eliminating the need for costly travel and downtime.
  • Manager Reinforcement:  Managers assign training based on individual needs and track their team’s progress.
  • Blended Learning:  Use the program as a stand-alone or in tandem with Marvin’s in-person training to reinforce concepts and quickly make your team more productive.
  • On-demand:  These short, interactive modules can be accessed and repeated at any time, improving sales opportunities around the clock.
  • Consistency:  This training program becomes a part of your day-to-day tools to create a consistent learning experience and reinforce what is being taught.


To get the most out of Marvin’s training, become a student of the profession. First, complete the Six Essential Steps training. Then, reinforce each of the steps during regularly scheduled meetings by facilitating roleplays to practice with your peers, not your customers, and watch your sales grow!


Your Financial Investment is $3,500 for a 12-month license, plus 20 users.  Additional users are $50 each.


Your Return on Investment:


  • Quickly Produce Positive Results:  Use the six-step program to orient your new team members quickly and effectively so that they hit the ground running!
  • Utilize Practice Sessions:  The course format makes it easy to focus on each step of the process, providing opportunities for participants to practice with their peers.
  • Coaching Opportunities:  The program provides job tools and tips that can be used to reinforce the training and coaching that Marvin has already provided.
  • Accountability: Participants create personal action plans to further reinforce learning. This provides an opportunity to implement accountability partners, driving sales goals.
  • Reporting: Manager reports will track whether your sales employees are retaining the program concepts and using them appropriately.  Managers can quickly and easily review progress, and provide guidance to ensure their employees succeed.


So, what are you waiting for? Stop practicing on your customers and Get Marvinized! This program is informative, practical and stimulating, and incorporates Marvin’s philosophy: “Preparation and Practice are the Keys to Sales Success.”   


Click here to get a video intro to the program: https://rtolcontent.com/marvin/intro/

Click here for a video preview of the program: https://rtolcontent.com/marvin/preview/


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