Professional Customer Service Training

Every company likes to say that customer service is their number one priority. Maybe your company says this as well. At the end of the day, it’s all just talk. Customers really care about what you do to back it up.


What methods are your sales team currently using to build long lasting relationships with your customers? Are there procedures in place to ensure that that this relationship building is even taking place? If you are not sure, you could be losing out on valuable sales to your existing customers every day.


To truly take care of your customer, you need to know how to listen and understand their feelings. It starts with the Power of Attitude. This is knowing that if you enjoy what you do and demonstrate the gift of caring, that you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers.


Marvin’s professional customer service training program utilizes these concepts and focuses on the three R’s of customer service:


  • Repeat Business
  • Referral Business
  • Requested Business


How Does Marvin’s Professional Customer Service Course Work?


Much like Marvin’s professional sales training course, the professional customer service course is customized to your specific needs. This starts with a needs-assessment, beginning from the top of the organization, down to the bottom. Buy-in from all members of the organization is critical to the success of any customer service program.


Once this needs-assessment is complete, Marvin will devise a customized program that helps company’s answer, “How do we perpetuate excellence in customer service?”


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