Marvin Montgomery Sales Certification Program

Every organization that relies on a sales team needs to ask itself a question:

Are you practicing on your customers?

Are the sales techniques that your staff utilizes on a daily basis following a proven method of success, or are they simply implementing “trial and error” techniques while losing valuable sales opportunities in the process?

If this is the case in your organization, it may be time to give your sales team a boost.
It’s time to GET MARVINIZED!

Marvin Montgomery is a professional sales trainer with more than 30 years of experience. He understands that preparation and practice provides peak performance for your sales team.

So, stop practicing on your customers and start MARVINIZING your sales efforts with this two-day professional selling skills certification class which will provide all attendees with the motivation and substance they need to succeed.


Training Curriculum

Marvin’s sales training course covers 16 topics vital to continued sales success.


  1. The Power of Attitude
  2. Develop Your Formula for Success
  3. Time & Territory Management
  4. How to Cultivate New Relationships While Building on Existing Ones
  5. Professional Customer Approach
  6. Measuring Your Impact on Customers
  7. Engaging the Customer
  8. Needs Analysis
  9. Cross Serving
  10. Selling Value Not Price
  11. Overcoming Customer Resistance
  12. Recognizing Buying Signals
  13. Effective Closing Techniques
  14. How to Ask for Referrals
  15. Practice  


Following our first two sessions, there will be an additional follow-up session (at no charge) to review how the attendees have implemented the curriculum in practice.


People who attend the certification program will be awarded a 12-month value-added subscription to the Online Training program. Click here to read more about the Online Training program.


Working With Marvin

Marvin strives to provide training that “pays for itself.” He achieves this by working with you to achieve your custom sales goals and benchmarks you need to succeed. For more information and program pricing, click here to contact Marvin or call 216.509.0281.



Hear what others have to say about the results their organizations have experienced working with the MARVINIZER.

About Marvin

For over 30 years, Marvin Montgomery has been “Marvinizing” thousands of professionals through his professional sales training courses, professional customer service training, motivational keynote speeches, and professional sales training books.

Marvin believes in an informative, practical and stimulating message that reflects his basic philosophy: preparation and practice are the keys to sales success. Never again will you utilize the outdated training methods of “trial and error” and “learn by doing.” In other words, stop practicing on your customers!