1-on-1 Professional Sales Coaching

While a group setting for a professional sales training course may work well for some companies and individuals, some circumstances require a more personal approach. To meet this need, Marvin provides 1-on-1 professional sales coaching to help refine the sales approach of one or more individuals on your team.


How Does Marvin’s Professional Sales Coaching Work?


Much like the group sales training, a 1-on-1 personal sales coaching session is completely customizable to help you achieve specific goals.


Regardless of the end goal, however, a 1-on-1 personal sales coaching session starts with
an assessment of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This often involves a sales call observation with Marvin.


Based on this initial assessment, Marvin will develop a custom sales training plan for each individual in your program. This training plan focuses on areas of weakness ensuring you are not paying for training that your team does not need.



What Do I Receive For Investing With Marvin?


Marvin strives to provide training that “pays for itself.” He does this by working with you to create goals and benchmarks that are established to judge the effectiveness of the 1-on-1 sales coaching program.


In order to ensure that these goals and benchmarks are met, Marvin helps develop a Personal Action Plan for each 1-on-1 personal sales coaching participant.


What Customers are Saying


To learn more about companies that have seen tremendous return on their investment with Marvin, we encourage you to read our testimonials.


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