Sam A. Misseri, Vice President - Business Development
Shaheen Moving and Storage Services

Marvelous Marvin the Marvinizer! If you know Marvin, you get that. Marvin in is one of the most caring and inspirational people I have come across in my lifetime. His caring and engaging ways put him at the top. If you want to improve your results utilizing simple tools that you can immediately apply, please make Marvin your absolute first call.


Harvey Hopson, Director, International MBA Program
Baldwin Wallace University



Marvin doesn’t simply espouse the benefits of Preparation & Practice, he lives by those virtues.
No one I know has a better understanding of and is attuned to human nature and the ways of the
world than Marvin. Marvin’s delivery whether in the flesh or in writing the effect is always the same, his passion, knowledge, and conviction are all infectious. The single most important life lesson that a 27 year career as a trial attorney and judge coupled with a 16 year career as a university educator taught me is this: more often than not preparation, practice and perseverance now, will reward you with benefits throughout one’s career and life. Marvin validates that life lesson in a way that is both memorable and effective.


Fred Koury, CEO
Smart Business Network





Thanks to the ongoing training and motivational sessions you have conducted with our employees, we are one of the fastest growing companies in Ohio. Your programs have certainly helped increase our sales. More importantly, you have helped develop our employees into a more professional, goal oriented team.


Don Stallard, President
The Reserves Network






Marvin’s approach to training is unique and very effective. He has provided insights to not just our sales and customer services staff but the entire company. I say without reservation, that his suggestions and techniques have contributed to our continued growth. He is our #1 trainer!


Mike Catan, President
Darice Craft Products





We have been working with Marvin for two years and have been consistently impressed with the accomplishments he has helped us make in employee motivation, managerial effectiveness and salesmanship. Our organization, including front line managers, executives and staff have utilized Mr. Montgomery’s techniques and have seen a marked improvement in productivity.


Harvey Siegel, President
Coit Services (Cleveland)






After working with Marvin Montgomery for 20 years, I fully endorse his training program which has provided incredible results for us here at Coit…from sales goals being met and greatly surpassed to increase revenues. Getting “Marvinized,” has truly made a difference and is now a mandatory part of our companies training. -Thanks Marvin!


Brian Wagner, President
Comfort Control



We have experienced significant success using Marvin’s training, not only in our sales growth, but also through the custom tailored classes, which helped everyone in our organization. Marvin’s philosophy parallels that of our company: assess the customer and give them a solution that matches their need. His training is a hit with our customers and us. Since working with Marvin, we have doubled our sales volume each year.

His program works! In addition, Marvin’s training has helped us reduce the length of our sales cycle by asking the right questions to the right people. His common sense approach works for everyone. Marvin helps make selling fun and his enthusiasm is infectious! I encourage anyone to energize their office through Marvin’s custom tailored programs. It is a small price to pay for such high returns.


Jack Yeager, President
Yeager Jewelers




We are a retail jewelry store, specializing in designer collections. Our business has been successful over the past 50 years, however, we were losing potential sales to the browsing public when they would come to our store and say, “we’re just looking!”

All our associates went through the Marvin Montgomery sales training sessions. We found Marvin to be inspiring, motivating, and honest about how someone can become a more successful salesperson.

Through Marvin’s techniques and practice sessions, we are all gaining confidence in pursuing those difficult questions and customers whom “object” to buying or do not know what they are looking for. Since the training, our individual close ratios have increased and we have met and exceeded our monthly sales goals.

We will continue to use Marvin’s techniques for better communication skills with customers. We have learned to avoid the classic ‘used car sales pressure tactics.’ We recommend Marvin Montgomery highly to any company who wants to improve their customer service and communication skills and ultimately their bottom line.


Director of COSE
Management Center





We here at COSE are composed of over 15,000 member companies. I have known Marvin Montgomery for the past five years. However, for the past ten years Marvin has worked with COSE, teaching sales courses such as, Don’t Practice on Your Customer, as well as team-taught courses with Hal Becker on Dynamic Selling-Know Your Customer. Students of Marvin Montgomery, walk out if his classes with a keen understanding and the enthusiasm that they can incorporate his practical, no-nonsense techniques to their daily lives.


Pat Carney, Managing Partner
Skoda Minotti





Marvin’s practical ideas and use of role-playing techniques in his sales training programs are refreshing. He doesn’t just motivate you to go out and sell—he teaches you how and helps you develop your skills by applying the concepts through practice.




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